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Funny Nika quotes today….

Two funny things Nika said today:

  • First: I’ve been trying to teach her addition, so I asked her “If I give you 6 biscuits & then I give you 2 biscuits, what will you have?” She replied “A stomach ache”! I’m not kidding….
  • Second: Nika has started lying so much, she tells me today, “When I went to Guwahati last time, Aita gave me lizard & rice to eat, and she also gave me leopard jam” :))

Nika’s tea-cup

Nika got a small tea-cup & saucer of her own today, and so she joined us for a family cup of tea!


“Jai Hind”

Noyonika sings our National Anthem:

Faking it

You will have the last laugh,

while I grow in my insanity.

They say the Lord created the world

In just a week, you see.

“Why don’t you go and get a beer?”

Why can’t I go to sleep?

Why does the Earth go around and round,

Ever increasing in entropy?

Staying true is so hard, especially

When you can’t even see

Faking it is so easy now –

Come, give in to mediocrity.

They say the means justify the ends

They say don’t fly too close to the sun.

They say “Go and chase your dreams, as you please –

But just the modest ones, son,

Just the modest ones.”

Movies on the flight back

Watched a bunch of movies on the flight back, only a few stood out:

  1. The Blind Side – based on the book by Michael Lewis, the story of Michael Oher captured beautifully on film. Sandra Bullock does a fine job. Must watch.
  2. Harry Brown – Michael Caine acts really well in this portrayal of the gangs of London. Watchable.

The flight back was long, tiring, and it has taken me a week to recover!

First day of nursery

It was Noyonika’s first day of nursery yesterday. I felt a tinge of sadness as we dropped her off at school. There were a few new kids bawling. Nika stood to the side of the room, looking about, wondering who these kids were, why they were crying and why she couldn’t see her old teachers. She looked a little lost, and looked a little grown up.

My first day at school isn’t anything to be proud of. I still remember parts of it, though it might have been embellished in memory by Mamma telling the story multiple times to me. Mamma came to school to drop me off, and I howled, bawled, cried and wailed (I used to be a big crier!).

I remember being at the park in school, and there being (in my memory) a hill nearby – but thinking about it, it probably was the sports area in school, for which there was a set of steps leading downward, and next to it was just a untarred, sloping area of earth.

Mamma dropped me off with the teacher (was it Mrs. Fernandes?), and the teacher walked me down the steps, while I howled “tipple thee one zero” – 33310 – our home phone number. We finally got down to the sports area, and I remember feeling a pang of loss. My crying finally subsided, and as I looked about, I caught a glimpse of Mamma, standing at the top of the “hill”.

That did it – I spied my route to escape, and threw all caution to the wind and ran up the hill, while the teacher possibly was hot in pursuit! I don’t remember getting to Mamma, but I know I did. I went home early that day, since I couldn’t possibly be consoled to go back to school!

Memories of that day came back seeing Nika go to nursery, and I felt a tug at my heart saying “She is a baby, why are you sending her into the big, bad world?”

Unknown Friends

(Posting this from the Seattle airport, which finally has free wi-fi!)

Have you ever had unknown friends? People you’ve met each day, people you’ve laughed with & sighed with, but whom you have never said a word to? One of the things I cherish about my time in Seattle that I enjoy re-living each time I visit is the 8:45 – 9:05 drive to work, listening to Kirsten Kendrick, Dick Stein & Laxmi Singh on 88.5 NPR and All that Jazz. Like the best of friends, you count on them being there every day, you worry if they don’t show up some day & you just like listening to them.

My favorite show of course is the 2 minutes of “Bird Note” from 8:58 – 9:00 am, the tune for the show being something that Kanchuki & I liked trying to copy out loud. We would both then listen with rapt attention to the show and then talk about how it was “Not so good today” or “I didn’t know that”!

I still remember when I moved back to India, I had made a list of dreams for my move back – and on top of that list was to start a public radio channel like NPR, a dream still unfulfilled.